Transfer in of a .uk domain name

Transfer in of a .uk domain name
.uk Domain Transfer Procedure
1. If you require your QiQ hosting associated with a domain not yet under our control to go live, you will need to ask your present supplier to change the nameservers for the domain name to those detailed in your hosting welcome email.
If you do not require your hosting account to go live until after the domain has transferred, we can change these details for you once the transfer completes.
2. Place your order online for the domain transfer:
Australian cients
UK Clients
There is no charge for the transfer of a .uk domain name to QiQ.
3. To complete the transfer the domain name to QiQ, ask your present domain name supplier to change the IPS Tag for the domain name to QIQ. IMPORTANT: Until the IPS Tag is changed to QIQ, the transfer is not complete.

What Happens Next
When the present register for the domain name changes the tag to QIQ, QiQ will receive notification of this change and then confirm that the transfer has been completed.

IPS Tag Change Instructions - 1 and 1

1. Log in using your account number and password

2. Choose the contract which contains the domains

3. Select whether you want to 'Cancel Entire Contract' or 'Cancel Selected Domains'

4. Choose the "Execute On" for the domain

5. Change the cancellation option to "Change Provider"

6. Click "Continue"

7. Enter our IPS tag: QIQ

8. Click "Finish"

9. 1and1 will send you an email to confirm you are the owner and complete the final transfer

Next you will need to order the domain transfer in your QiQ control panel.

IPS Tag Change Instructions - Fasthosts

Start at

1. To transfer a Fasthosts domain away from UKreg, you'll first need to check if it was initially registered at UKreg or if it was transferred into UKreg from elsewhere.

2. Click on the "Members Login" link at the top of the page.

3. Go to UKreg and select "Configure Domains".

4. Select the domain you'd like to move and choose "Change IPS Tag".

5. The IPS tag for QiQ is 'QIQ' enter it here.

6. If the domain was transferred into UKreg you must also send a fax, on headed notepaper, to UKreg providing the following information:

The new IPS tag name
The username and password for your UKreg account
The domain name
The support fax number for UKreg is 0870 888 3555.

Next you will need to order the domain transfer in your QiQ control panel.

IPS Tag Change Instructions -

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Start at

1. Log into the NamesCo control panel at .

2. After logging in, click "Domain Names".

3. Select the domain name that you'd like to transfer.

4. Click "DNS & Transfer Option".

5. Click "Transfer Domain".

6. Enter the IPS tag "QIQ".

7. Initialise the transfer.

Next you will need to order the domain transfer in your QiQ control panel.

IPS Tag Change Instructions -


Start at

1. Before you try to transfer your domain, please ensure your WHOIS information is up to date by logging in at

2. To start the transfer of the .uk domain name from to, you will need to visit

3. Enter the domain name that you want to move, then the password, and click the 'Update Now' button.

4. Scroll down until you see the box 'Enter Nominet TAG'. In this box, type in 'QIQ'. Then click the 'Update Now' button.

5. Complete the form with your password. As you are logged in, most of the boxes should already be filled in.

6. Click the 'Payment Details' button. Type in your card details, then click the 'Continue' button.

Next you will need to order the domain transfer in your QiQ control panel.

Within 48 hours, UK2 should have changed the IPS tag.

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