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Common causes for outgoing SMTP mail not functioning include:

- User name not being entered correctly – the user name is the full email address for the POP3 account being used e.g. [email protected]

- Outgoing mail requires authentication being selected. The username and password are the same as for incoming POP3 mail.

- SSL encryption being selected. Our email does not support encryption so this option must NOT be selected.

- There is a possiblity that your ISP is blocking port 25. Providers like AOL block this to prevent outside users from relaying bulk email off their servers. You should contact your provider to see if port 25 is blocked.



As an alternative, it is possible to configure outgoing mail via your own ISP. Simply ask your ISP for the details of their SMTP server. This can be a preferable way to send email as it is a more direct route for your email to follow. The email will be routed to your ISPs mail server before transmission to the recipient. Using our SMTP servers will result in email being routed from your PC to your ISP and then to our mail server and then across the web to the recipient.


For outlook Express users we offer an automatic configuration tool. Login to your Control Panel and access the Mailboxes section. You'll see the link to Auto Setup the Outlook Express settings and so simply press the link and enter the password thereafter. You can also right click on the link to save the registry file for future use if you wish to do so.

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