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For accounts opened before February 2009 each webmail address you create has a 400mb quota. If you suddenly stop receiving email, and you don't choose to delete mail from our server once you have downloaded mail via an email client, please log into your webmail at and check the account.

If there are many emails/attachments in the account folders, it is likely your quota has been reached. You will need to delete or download and delete some of the emails to free up some space in order to recieve new emails.

If you wish to have your mail deleted on download so that space is never an issue, you can set your email client, such as outlook express, to delete mail off the server once downloaded. Please ensure you save your important emails once downloaded and back them up to a storage device if necessary.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact support.

PLEASE NOTE: Inactive email accounts that have not been used to send or recieve email for one hundred (100) clear days will automatically be deleted from our system, and this will purge any stored email.

For accounts opened after March 2009 - cpanel accounts only your hosting plan disk quota includes all files including email. So, if you have a plan with 1GB of space, and 100mb is taken up with website data, that would leave you with 900mb free to use across all email addresses you may create.  

In cpanel, you can set your email quota for each address, and various settings are available. Cpanel is a third party software and these are cpanel mail settings and all options are available because of the variety of disk space configurations.  With this in mind, please note that once your allocated hosting disk space has been used, your email will stop working regarless of the quota you set, because some of the quota settings available may not apply to your hosting plan.  

For example if you have 900mb disk space left and one email address set up, and you choose to set that email address to have a 2GB quota, then obviously this would not be applicable for your address as you only have 900 mb of space.  

QiQ advise the regular maintenance of all email accounts by logging in at http://webmail/nameofyourdomain  and clearing out any unwanted email from all available folders such as inbox, trash, spam etc.

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