QiQ Status Page (In Progress)
  • Priority - Low
  • Affecting Server - Amelie
  • If your website is unavailable please refer to our system status page at www.qiqstatus.com for details of any current or scheduled outages. 

    The following fault finding steps may also help:

    1. Establish if the problem accessing your website is just for you or for everyone by testing the avilability of your site here or here.

    2. If the problem is just for you: 

      a. Restart your modem/router.

      b. Check to see if your IP Address is blocked by the server. Instructions for unblocking IP addresses on QiQ servers may be found here.

    3. If these steps do not help,  raise a support ticket.

  • Date - 25/07/2016 04:27
  • Last Updated - 25/07/2016 04:31