Why am I getting a permissions error when trying to log into Webmail? Print

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Occasionally, logging into webmail at http://mymail.qiq.cc/ can produce the following error:

/var/www-atmail/webmail-n/html/english/msg/login_mailautherror.html is
not readable, please check file permission!

This error message is usually an indication that the mailbox has been locked for simultaneous or close login attempts.

To correct this, please empty your temp internet cache and cookies and then please leave the mailbox for 20 minutes without login and this issue should resolve itself.

Additionally, but more rarely, it has also been found that this error can be caused when logging in choosing advanced mode, so please try logging in choosing basic mode after emptying your temp files.

Using the back button when you have been logged in webmail for a while but not active, can also cause this error and the fix is to empty your temp files and wait 20 minutes before attempting to log in again.

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